Empty body chemical composition of Nellore steers estimated by indirect methods


Thirty-six Nellore steers at 20 months of age on average and initial body weight of 360 kg were fed ad libitum for 78 days and two levels of feed restriction for 58 days and posterior ad libitum feeding for 78 days were used to estimate body composition using the methods of indirect deuterium oxide or the 9th-10th-11th ribs cut. The body water content was calculated with equations established for Nellore steers. The chemical body composition was different for the ether extract content. The animals subjected to feed restriction presented higher body fat content when estimated by deuterium than by the rib cut. The deuterium oxide or 9th-10th-11th ribs cut methods used for body composition determination were effective to estimate body contents for animals fed ad libitum, however, not for animals on feed restriction. Comparatively, the indirect method of deuterium oxide was better than the 9th-10th-11th ribs cut method to estimate body composition in Nellore steers submitted to feed restriction; however, both methods were similar in animals fed ad libitum.


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Aferri, G., Pereira, A., Corte, R., Silva, S. L., Moreira, M., & Leme, P. R. (2021). Empty body chemical composition of Nellore steers estimated by indirect methods. Boletim De Indústria Animal, 78, 1-12. https://doi.org/10.17523/bia.2021.v78.e1495