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Bulletin of Animal Husbandry
Volume: 27/28 - Número: único - Pg: 231-254 - Ano: 1970

C. de S. Lucci e C. Boin.

Estudo comparativo entre diferentes proporções de silagem de sorgo, v. Santa Eliza de soja perene como volumosos para vacas em lactação.

Doze vacas holandesas foram empregadas em um delineamento «switch— back», comparando 3 rações, as quais continham, como volumosos, silagem de sorgo var. Santa Eliza e feno de soja perene, nas seguintes proporções, em porcentagens de matéria seca: A) Silagem 100%; R) Silagem 75%; Feno 25%; C) Silagem 50c/; Feno 50%..-s rações eram completadas por misturas de concentrados, balanceadas de forma a torná-las isoproteicas e isoenergéticas.A observação recomenda o emprego de feno, na proporção de 2,5 kg de matéria seca por vaca por dia, quando as rações de volumosos se constituirem eni silagem fornecida à vontade .A substituição total da proteína proveniente da torta de algodão por proteína do feno de soja perene foi feita com inteiro sucesso.

(Comparative study of different proportions of Sorghum silage (V. Santa Eliza) and perennial soybean hay for lactating dairy cows).

Twelve Holstein — Friesian cows, were used in a “Switchback” lay-out to compare three different rations, in which varied proportions of Sorghum Silage (var. Santa Eliza) and perenial Soybean hay were combined (on a dry matter bassis), as follows:Treatment A) 100% Sorghum SilageTreatment B) 75% Sorghum Silage 25% Perennial soybean hay Treatment C) 50% Sorghum Silage 50% All rations were completed with a balanced concentrated mixture to meet the animals requirements for digestible protein and T . D N.A significant difference was observed among treatments being A inferior to B and C (P<0,01) when milk production (4% FCM) was anilysed (10.5 kg; 11 .2 kg and 11 .6 kg/cow/day for treatments A, B and e respectively).Significantly (P<05) higher dry matter intake occured as the percentage of perennial soybean hay increased in the rations (7.7 kg; 9.7 kg and 10.5 kg DM intake/cow daily for treatment A, B and C). However, as the DM intake was considered only with regard to silage consumption, no significant difference (P<05) was detected between treatments A and B.Based on these informations it is recommended to include 2.5 kg/cow daily of hay (on a DM basis) when silage is to be fed as the sole roughage (ad libitum).Replacement of cottonseed oil weal for perennial soybean as a source of protein resulted in a real sucess. 

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